What we do for pharma.

Facts about MediaSoft
Get to know us
Media-Soft was founded in 1996 and from the very beginning our affection is pharma.
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Media-Soft partners with more than 60 pharmaceuticals in 45 markets.

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Each month, more than 5.000 customer replies are done by our consulting department.
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In total more than 14.000 hours per year we spent in consulting sessions

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25.000 field users per day make their life easier with Media-Soft solutions.

And what else?
Media-Soft team members run more than 200 km per week which makes us extremely healthy
And what else?

15 minutes – Is the average smile time per day of our employees during 1 working day

And what else?

10+ As part of our corporate responsibility we support more than 10 charities

And what else?

Gartner and IDC – global leading consulting companies award us year by year.

And what else?
Is the average distance covered in a working year
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7 out of 10 biggest pharma trust us... and some more