You have all heard about SIRI, but did you know that SIRI has been integrated into Sales Vision?

Ever since it’s original release in 2011 on iPhone, Siri has received a lot of attention in voice recognition and became more popular in last two-three years. Predictions for the next year say that over 50 % of all searches will be voice searches, according to ComScore. We in Mediasoft try to keep up with new trends in IT business. Every of our projects starts with a research. When staring a research for Siri integration, we have liked the meaning of name „Siri“ with its Norwegian roots: Siri means “beautiful woman who leads you to victory”. That is the reason why our team has decided to integrate Siri into Sales Vision iPad Next application to help reps in the field! Benefits of Siri usage in Sales Vision are filtering list of persons and institutions, creating visits and plans, sending internal messages, start communication process and many others.

Siri is very simple to use for Sales Vision application.  You can get many things done faster and more convenient using Siri in Sales Vision. Being one of the best intelligent voice assistants, Siri comes with many great functions. There is a larger number of Siri commands we have integrated in SV. Do not worry if you have forgotten some of them. Use Setting menu to preview list of all supported actions, kind of a cheatsheet to remind you on commands.

Use Siri to organize you tasks in Sales Vision: create visits, find persons and institutions in database, start CLM presentations etc. using „Hey Siri“ command. Once you start using Siri, you will gain the habit and soon realize how useful it is. You can ask Siri to do several things for you in Sales Vision, just ask her using the right command. As always, start with „Hey Siri“ and than continue with the proper sentence.

If you are not fluent in English, you can simply change the language preference of Siri in its iPad setting and use commands in the language you have selected.

List of features and voice commands include:

  • Hey Siri! Find doctor XY – Person list in Persons module will be filtered by name and last name of a person. You do not have to enter module, click on Filter button and than write down first and last name of a person. Siri will do all of this for you.
  • Hey Siri! Find institutuion XY – Institutions list in Institutions module will be filtered by name of an institution.
  • Hey Siri! Find all persons from current marketing plan that are not visited – Persons list will be filtered depending on number of visits defined in current marketing plan te help you plan vistis for doctors who need to be visited in order to fulfill your marketing plan.
  • Hey Siri! Start CLM presentation XY – When a person/institution is selected, you can start your CLM presentation by using command to filter the list of presentations by presentation name and start showing the presentation.
  • Hey Siri! – Show me all persons within radius of one kilometer – Locator module in Sales Vision is showing you list of persons/institutions within some area depending on your GPS location and the GPS location  of persons/institutions from your database. Using this command, Locator module will be loaded with filter on distance. On Map these locations will be displayed.
  • Hey Siri! – Show me all persons whose consent agreement is expiring in the new 10 days – Person list will be filtered by expiration of consent agreement status depending on the date of consent entry.
  • Hey Siri! Show me sales for institution XY – Sales module with Wholesales sales and IMS sales preview will be shown with filter on institution name for preview of sales for current year.
  • Hey Siri! Create new plan for XY – Window for new plan will be opened to add new plan for person / institution (depending on name).
  • Hey Siri! Fast reporting for persons – Fast reporting enables you to drag&drop person form the list to calendar to create new visits. Using this command, Calendar module will be opened with the persons list to create fast visits. You do not have to manually click on Calendar, Visits tab. Siri will do this for you.
  • Hey Siri! Fast reporting for institutions – same as for persons, using this command Calendar module will be opened with the institutions list to create fast visits.
  • Hey Siri! Create new event – Why not to make event management module simple? Calendar module will be opened with new window for adding an event using „Hey Siri! Create new event“ command.
  • Hey Siri! Send message to XY – Window for sending new internal message will be opened and TO filed will be populated with the name recipient of a message.
  • Hey Siri! Start sync – For management it is important to have fresh data on server. Why not to use Siri to start communication while you are in the car driving from one pharmacy to another? By using „Hey Siri! Start sync“ command, communication process for uploading data to server and downloading data from HQ will automatically start. Of course, for synchronization process Internet connection must be available.
  • Hey Siri! Close Sales Vision – when working in he field, battery performance is important so use Siri to close down Sales Vision application when there is no need to use it.