The State of Tech and Engagement in Pharma’s Commercial Strategy

State of Tech and Engagement

The pharmaceutical industry has been undergoing a significant transformation in recent years, driven by a range of factors such as evolving regulatory requirements, changing consumer expectations, and disruptive technological advancements. This transformation has not only created new opportunities for pharma companies, but also challenges that require them to rethink their commercial models. As a result, pharma companies need to be more innovative and adaptable than ever before to succeed in today’s competitive landscape. 

In this context, we have conducted a survey to explore the changes and constraints triggered by ongoing transformations in the pharmaceutical industry. Our survey focused on four key areas that are critical for evaluating the future of pharma’s commercial strategy. 

This survey was conducted at the start of the year 2023, and we gathered insights from 220 professionals working in the EMEA region, America or globally. The majority of the respondents (over 80%) worked in the pharmaceutical industry, with the rest working as solution providers, consultants, agencies, biotech companies, or med-tech and device companies. 

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