Media-Soft Road Show – Omnichannel CRM Narrative

Road Show-ONLINE

The DACH region is one of the most complex and significant world regions for pharma Commercial and Medical teams.

Join us on February 29 and explore the latest Omnichannel trends, challenges and initiatives.

During the Media-Soft Road Show we will have a special spotlight on:

  • The role and future of CRM in the Omnichannel capabilities
  • Real use-cases of leveraging CRM in commercial and medical functions
  • Expert speakers from leading pharmaceuticals including Roche and Grunenthal
  • The role and usage of GEN AI in building authentic HCP engagements and many more

Join us on February 29 from 11:25 AM CET, for an informative and engaging event designed to supercharge your CRM skills! Our agenda for the day is designed to provide you with a wealth of insights and practical knowledge that will empower you in the field of CRM.


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About Media-Soft

Media-Soft is your trusted partner with a robust Pharma CRM software to empower your HCP and stakeholder engagements. Since 1996, Media-Soft pioneers in delivering robust and state-of-the-art CRM solutions and which are nowadays build around the Omnichannel approach.

Media-Soft is established in more than 50 countries and improves commercial excellence for more than 110 pharmaceuticals worldwide through our CRM/CLM solutions.

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