Working at Media-Soft – Sebastijan Horvatic

Cakovec, Croatia – 15 March, 2022 – [Working at Media-Soft] – At Media-Soft, we strive to create an environment in which employees learn and develop every day.

”Being surrounded by the best people and a very creative environment makes you stay. You cannot be bored! There is always something new to learn/create.”

Thank you for your kind words, Sebastijan Horvatic!

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25 Years of Media-Soft CRM systems – Zsolt Safranka

Cakovec, Croatia – 11 January, 2022 – [25 Years of Media-Soft CRM systems – Zsolt Safranka] – “Out of these 25 years, we have been partnering with Media-Soft for 9 years now. We’ve experienced an enormous flexibility, responsiveness and understanding from Media-Soft, and that’s exactly what we’re looking for in a market like this.”

Listen to the kind words from our partner and our friend Zsolt Safranka from Richter Gedeon Nyrt..

#pharmacrm #mediasoft #multichannel #crm #digitaltransformation