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BookVision CLM

BookVision CLM - Detail Insightful content for better HCP experience


BookVision CLM is the essential part of our Omnichannel CRM app and which leads to ultimate HCP content engagements.

Meet HCPs on their terms with seamless and personalized content that fulfills their visit expectations.

Up to 
56% better brand awareness
84% doctor engagement
420% longer visit duration

Leverage your modular content in unlimited ways.

BookVision CLM as part of our Omnichannel Suit enables the most flexible content approach. Your content strategy and pace can be based on showcasing simple PDFs till complex 3d animations. Our engine supports all relevant and up-to-date content formats. Also BookVision supports many agencies who can design and deploy content for you.

Upload Comprehensive Agency Content
Upload my own designed PPT
Upload content from your agency

Real-time content feedback!

What content works for your HCP is a critical question. With our robust analytics, you can analyse many aspects of your content:

Your CRM All-Rounder within your Omnichannel Strategy

BookVision CLM running hand in hand with the Sales Vision CRM, and as part of the Omnichannel Suit. With the CLM app reps can effectively and timely execute all content detailing in the field, same as remote and see their connected activities inside the CRM app.

Your content anytime available.

A doctor wants to experience a new presentation/content, but you are unable to showcase it because you don’t have an internet connection? Experience shows that reps need all information about doctor visits, presentations and more on their devices, accessible in the field offline. Regardless of whether you use iPad, Android or Windows you can store all information offline on your device and sync it afterwards with the cloud.

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