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State of Tech and Engagement

The State of Tech and Engagement in Pharma’s Commercial Strategy

The pharmaceutical industry has been undergoing a significant transformation in recent years, driven by a range of factors such as evolving regulatory requirements, changing consumer expectations, and disruptive technological advancements.
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Media-Soft Road Shows Announcement

The global Pharma CRM market is undergoing seismic shifts, from transitioning to HCP Omnichannel engagements to grappling with digital fatigue and harnessing the power of Generative AI. At Media-Soft, we
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Worwag Pharma Globally Deploys Media-Soft CRM to Deliver Incremental HCP Experiences

Media-Soft successfully finished the implementation of its Omnichannel CRM solution across all Worwag Pharma countries. Two years ago, Worwag Pharma had an ambitious plan to start the Omnichannel journey and
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Media-Soft introduces very own Generative AI admin assistant tool ”Ask Nikola”

As an innovation-driven Pharma CRM vendor, Media-Soft has been busy on developing its very own Generative AI tool called “Ask Nikola.” The tool will be a huge benefit for Sales
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Join our upcoming Media-Soft FREE Webinar

>Join our upcoming Media-Soft FREE Webinar> Join us on November 3 for our upcoming webinar “Is NBA the answer for Excellence in Field Effectiveness and Experience?”. Registration link –  
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Media-Soft Team Building 2022

[Media-Soft Team Building 2022] – A Sunny day in early October and a great team? Sounds perfect! For our annual Team Building Media-Soft had chosen to learn how to play
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