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Remote Solutions


According to Gartner insights, in average doctors spent 7 minutes per day on different medical portals. Now the question is, if doctors will reach out your portal and how to attract them? As part of our Multichannel approach, Media-Soft implements various remote channels which extend your interaction with HCPs. This includes Maestro doctor portal, Repp triggered email and Remote Visits/Calls. Orchestrate your interaction with HCPs but boosted with an incremental twist.


Media-Soft Remote Visits enables online meetings with HCPs almost like F2F visits. Share content, voice, materials and video in real-time and stay compliant. Just some of Remote Visits highlights include:

Easier marketing compliance

Share in real-time approved content directly from the approved CLM/content repository

Close the CRM loop

Complement field activities with scheduling and holding real-time online meetings with your HCPs and evidence this data back to your CRM

Improve customer engagement

HCPs require sometimes fast informations and with our Remote Visit you are able to deliver this anytime and live


Maestro is a masterpiece for engagement which satisfied scientific and up-to-date information for HCPs. Some of the most amazing channels within Maestro are:


Forum is a place where HCPs can start a open/closed discussion with the pharmaceutical and with other HCPs

Display Content

Display Content designed by your marketing and know exactly key metrics including: visibility duration, answers on questions, slide duration etc


Q&A in a brand new dimension and where you can display most frequent questions and its answers but also enable direct communication gate between HCP and pharmaceutical


Calendar enables F2F or Remote visit booking with your HCPs or to overview all engagement levels between me as physician and my pharma company

Chat in real-time

Chat in real-time between Medical Rep and HCP


HCPs trust in your field users. Therefore all interaction which is done is seen as rep interaction of your company. HCPs can see and feel the human touch during any communication with your rep through Maestro portal.


With our Media-Soft Remote Solutions, your field-user can interact with HCPs and customers anytime and from anywhere. Make real-time and detailed meetings and engagements from the CRM database and bring data back to your CRM.

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