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Sales Vision CRM


Since 1996

In more than 20 years everything changes. Just imagine some incredible products: Tesla cars, iPad, iPhone, Androids, SpaceX, Netflix and so more. Companies are born and they die and the Pharma CRM market has the same pulse. Well, Media-Soft is one of the kind which not only TM and copyright  survives but challenges the trends and industry. Since 1996 we are dedicated to pharma and believe it or not but we are just getting started.

Retention rate

Customer satisfaction is our obsession and that is why we partner with companies like Bayer, Pfizer and many more for 20 years. According our latest surveys, we got a score of 4.9 in terms of overall satisfaction rate from our customers. The individual approach and dedication to details is very welcomed.
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Trust our customers why.

200+ pharmaceuticals run with our solutions locally or globally. If we can work with Pfizer, Merck, Sandoz, Servier, EGIS, Richter, Ferring and others; why you still have any doubt?

Technology changed us.

Every time when a new incremental technology was introduced to pharma, Media-Soft was listening and took the visionary idea to implement it for pharma. We did it with many tech including iOS where we where the global pioneers with our offline solution for the gamechanging iOS platform.

Whole life-science knows us.

Our expertise in Pharma CRM enables that we cover all segments of life-science including: RX, originators, OTC, animal health, medical devices and more. Our innovative Sales Vision CRM was designed and developed with help of leading pharmaceuticals cross many fields and countries and this makes our solution very different and unique.

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