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Worwag Pharma Globally Deploys Media-Soft CRM to Deliver Incremental HCP Experiences

Media-Soft successfully finished the implementation of its Omnichannel CRM solution across all Worwag Pharma countries. Two years ago, Worwag Pharma had an ambitious plan to start the Omnichannel journey and as part of that CRM played an essential role. The entire implementation of all 30+ Worwag countries was done within 22 months since contract signature.

Worwag as a leading CEE pharmaceutical searched for new and effective ways to execute its Omnichannel messages and tailored experiences to HCPs across all channels, including F2F and every aspect of the digital channels.

“Worwag as partner is a very flattering reference and we are outlooking to this long-term strategic partnership. As partner, Worwag has a great fit into our strategy since it belongs to a medium sized pharma club and which we can serve in great and perfect ways”, said Damir Safaric, CEO and Founder of Media-Soft.

About Media-Soft

Media-Soft is your trusted partner with a robust Pharma CRM software to empower your HCP and stakeholder engagements. Since 1996, Media-Soft pioneers in delivering robust and state-of-the-art CRM solutions and which are nowadays build around the Omnichannel approach.

Media-Soft is established in more than 50 countries and improves commercial excellence for more than 110 pharmaceuticals worldwide through our CRM/CLM solutions.

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